Contributors to this family history

William Daniel Thompson of Converse, Indiana, who dug for roots, tracked down lost cousins and retraced household migrations from Virginia and North Carolina to the Midwest.

His daughters, Betty Thompson of Kokomo, Indiana, Lois Thompson Foust of Converse, Indiana, and Phyllis Thompson Bowland of Amboy, Indiana. They filled in many blanks and expanded and compiled the records left by their father.

Leigh E. Morris of LaPorte, Indiana, who graciously compiled a detailed report of the descendants of Joseph & Mary Bragg after a random meeting with a fourth cousin in the genealogy wing of the Marion (Indiana) Public Library.

D. Morris and Phyllis I. Weaver Corey of Van Buren, Indiana, who devoted hundreds of hours — perhaps thousands — in compiling and publishing their "Descendants of William Stevens & Polly Morgan, 1754-1974" genealogy.

Ernest Elven Bragg and Donna Shaneberger Bragg, who studied the trail of the Sirk ancestors back to colonial Virginia and Pennsylvania.

Basil Worl, then of Fishers, Indiana, a second cousin who traced the Thompson family records and filled in details of their 19th Century lives in central and southern Indiana, then provided essential details of the Worl family tree.

Paul Hungerford of Rush County, Indiana, who published "The Hungerford Family," a 1972 compilation of the family going back to Connecticut in the early 1600s and thence to roots in England.

Miriam Wilson Bragg of Grant County, Indiana, and Luella Bragg Harvey and Eloise Bragg Goodnight, sisters of Kokomo, Indiana, who filled in many holes and answered many questions with their recollections of names, places and dates.

Janet Cavender Chastain of Bargersville, Indiana, and Carolyn Hasty Jackson, whose compilations of the Whitinger (Weidinger) family tree provided another link to Old Europe.

Nancy Burnstrum Telfer and her mother Jill Jacobs Burnstrum for details of the Burnstrum family history back to Sweden.

Frances Renton Stong, who outlined the roots of the Renton and Scully families of Ontario, and Lynne Renton Rubbens, Myra Crockett Renton, Barbara Fielding Temme and Carolyn Renton, who provided details of the more recent generations of the Renton and Fielding families of Ontario.

Emily Jordan, a third cousin unknown to the curator until she discovered this website in 2008 and generously offered her record of several generations of the Presnall family, which broke through a major brick wall and enabled us to carry the line all the way back to 17th-Century England to James Presnall, the curator’s 8G-grandfather.

Teresa Henderson Fraustein, a descendant of the Stevens family, and Peggy Eckert, both Grant County, Indiana, residents who have researched the local Bragg family tree and provided photos and clues useful to development of this site.

Marilyn Heal Johnson of Anderson, Indiana, who provided details of the family of her mother, Lucile Bragg Heal, daughter of Adelbert (Bert) Bragg.

And others to be named, as this page is perpetually page incomplete

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